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Romprest Security SRL is part of a larger group of companies offering a wide range of services such as cleaning, emergency response, security, airport security, facility management etc.
Romprest group is a market leader and one of the most respected Romanian brands, employing thousands of workers and having cumulated turnover of over 70 million euro / year.


The most important challenge we faced was related to access procedures in public cleaning division which operated from a single location a fleet of over 400 vehicles having several daily check-ins / check-outs. Access was problematic because

  • Law required a specific set of data to be collected at every check-in / check-out
  • There was a large number of access operations performed everyday and involving 3 security guards at the access point
  • There were peak moments which could see as much as 100 vehicles using exiting the premises in about 15 minutes
  • Due to the high traffic, access records were not kept appropriately and the company was subject to fines

It was obvious the tools in place in that moment were not adequate to the realities of the access operations and we needed to find a solution which will ensure our checklist was addressed in a satisfactory manner.

Reason for Choosing SPAccess

One of our employees referred to us SPAccess as a solution he has worked with at a different job and which could easily meet our specifications so we contacted the company and arranged for a demo.
Opting for this solution was not really a choice since it had all the ingredients and even offered for a great deal of automation at the access point. A 2 weeks trial was implemented and the operators offered a great feedback so we decided to implement, even though this required additional investments in a LPR system.


The whole project was implemented in about 1 month because we needed to get budget approvals, authorities approval etc and we slightly modified our internal flow in order to ensure all data is captured in a timely manner.
The impact of switching to SPAccess platform, was mostly visible in terms of:

  • Speed of access operations, facilitated by the automated collection of data
  • Control over the access process
  • Integrity and reliability of our data base

I should also mention that the access data in SPAccess data base was successfully used in the court of law in order to prove the quantity of delivered services and this was only possible due to the timestamping features and increased traceability offered by this platform.

Chief Executive Officer