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Tnuva Romania Dairy was one of the first companies using SPAccess visitor management solution in a factory setting.
Tnuva is an Israeli based company dealing in dairy and connected activities (farming, food processing etc) which developed a new factory in Romania, near Bucharest.
The company had over 500 employees, an yearly turnover of 25 MEUR and it reached almost 5% national market share.


In the beginning, the company used excel sheets to perform register access of people and vehicles, but this was not a suitable decision for a company with hundreds of daily access records because:

  • In time, files increased in dimensions and data and they worked very slowly so it was decided to use 1 file / month
  • Access processing was quite low because all input was manually
  • Searching for data was difficult because it had to be conducted in several files
  • Management asked for a solution to better handle access and improve visitor experience in the facility.

Reason for Choosing SPAccess

We have searched and tested several solutions but the most obvious shortcoming was access flow customization. Most of the solutions we tested were capable of making customizations in terms of form fields and user interface elements (background colours etc), but access flows were mostly out of reach or very expensive. The main reason for this situation was the fact that those solutions were specifically designed for self-service scenarios, office buildings or small offices and had little support for vehicle access
What most attracted us to SPAccess was the availability of the company and their willingness to address each and every aspect of our access scenarios.


Implementation took no more than a week and we were able to map almost all access scenarios in the platform. User adoption was very fast because of the ease of use and straight forward interface. The main impact of truly digitalizing the access (and not simply using excels or forms) was that:

  • All access KPI have improved almost instantaneously (speed of processing, reporting etc)
  • After only 6 weeks after implementation, we have been able to reduce the number of personnel needed at the access (from 2 security guards / shift to 1 security guard / shift)

In time, in close connection with our partner, we implemented other features such as LPR integration, queue management and notification system which simply were not possible with an excel file.
I personally view SPAccess as a strong, highly capable and reliable solution for managing visitors, specifically in complex scenarios.

Safety & Security Director
Dan Grigore