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Ursus is the oldest Romanian company still in activity and one of the biggest national beer brands.
In Romania, Ursus operates a number of 6 locations (3 factories and 3 warehouses) plus a number of administrative and smaller support locations.
Ursus has over 1500 employees, an yearly turnover of 375 MEUR. All Ursus brands and products cumulate a 35% market share in the beer industry.


Access logs were kept using hard copy registries which brought in a lot of troubles among which:

  • Incomplete access records and sometimes missing records
  • Incorrect, unreadable or corrupted data (some access records were modified by interested parties)
  • Impossibility to use data for internal investigation since data was not truly reliable

When our company faced an increased number of security incidents facilitated by the lack of traceability and therefore, accountability, a decision was made to provide a solution which will help in deterring, detecting and handling such cases and which should present increase control over access operations.

Reason for Choosing SPAccess

An internal project was started to develop an in-house solution but the projected go-live deadline and the high cost of development were the main deterrent.
We subsequently started to look in the open market and were truly surprised to find out just how few reliable solutions were capable of handling vehicle and cargo access.
In the end, we opted to use SPAccess because of trial results, the capabilities of the platform and availability of the people. But maybe the most important fact was related to the GDPR and privacy related features which were truly the most difficult to meet in terms of management requirements.


We have been using SPAccess for over 3 years, mostly because:

  • It provides a superior control over each aspect of the operations performed by the security guards at the access point
  • It has great support for investigations (logs and detection of suspicious behaviour)
  • It fits the working habits of the security guards

Over this period of time, we implemented additional features to the extend we now refer to this solution as ours. We are also in the process of fully automating access through digitalization which will provide a better experience, increased speed and compliance to access rules.

Security & Compliance Director