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What's New

Check what’s new in SPAccess by viewing the new updates  in our summary of features timeline.

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  •  Courier Management

    A company or employee of a company that transports messages, mail, packages and documents. Track when a courier comes at a location with a check-in and a check-out when the courier leaves.

  •  Self-Service Management

    The ability to grant access to guests for quick data management on mobile devices.

  •  SMS Notifications

    These kind of notifications can be given out during different kind of scenarios: requesting access, alarm going off, greeting guests, occupying a parking spot and event confirmation.

  •  Meeting Rooms Management

    Rooms that are provided for things such as different types of events, business conferences and meetings that can be scheduled between different periods of time.

  •  Parking Areas Management

    Areas that are intended for vehicles. Empty parking spots are assigned to new vehicles and remain occupied until the vehicles leave the spots.

  •  Document Management

    Cargo documents are an important part of access especially for factories and warehouses. Our new features aims at providing you with a way of keeping track of them and alarms whenever something is out of order. You can also use the data for cross-reference or internal investigations.

  •  The Resident Operator

    A new type of user is available for use, the resident. This user will also be updated every time we add new features and functionalities in order to improve the visitor management processes and workflows.

  •  LPR and Barcode Scanner Integration

    Automatic data input reduces the visitors processing time and eliminates data errors. We will constantly increase the types and number of integrations.

  •  Blacklist Notification

    The blacklist notification for suppliers was developed in order to inform suppliers with regard to the black listed status of certain employees (i.e. truck drivers) so that they won't use those persons with the respective client during the period of interdiction. It also provides traceability of such notifications.


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  •  Temporary Blacklist

    Developed so that users could set the access interdiction period for black listed visitors.


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  •  Release Date

    Launching of SPAccess 3.0 new app and website.


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  • 2017
  •  Beta Launch

    SPAccess 3.0 beta is released to a select number of clients.

  • 2016