Smart Visitor Management App

SPAccess 3.0 is Here!!!

Beginning today, the 10th of January, 2017, Security Portal made available to all of its clients the third version of SPAccess, our visitor management app.

It is customary for us to label our app as a new version whenever we make a major update. SPAccess 3.0 is not actually an update of the previous version because it it didn’t use any code of SPAccess 2.0.

It was re-coded from the beginning having in mind the user experience and additional benefits we can make available for our users. The improvements cover all aspects of the application:

  • new interface – we added a dashboard, improved the way we display information and the way you can access it
  • new functionalities – based on your opinions and our clients’ requests, we added a handful of new functions so that your daily activities can be performed smoothly
  • improved operating parameters – with a special focus on speed
  • better security – to offer you peace of mind when it comes to data protection

The all new SPAccess 3.0 is accompanied by a new website as well which we encourage you to explore so that you learn more about our app and its the capabilities. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch with us so you can get meaningful information on visitor management and SPAccess.

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