Temporary Blacklist

Temporary Blacklist

Here, at Security Portal, we are constantly trying to improve our products so we keep in close contact with our customer and the security market as a whole. In this context some of our clients requested a new feature in our visitor management app – SPAccess – namely the possibility to generate temporary Blacklists.

This feature is different from the Graylist which wants to give you warnings for potential risk generating persons and also from the classic Blacklist which provides a basis for not validating someone’s request for access into the premises based on past experience with that person.

The Temporary Blacklist can be used as a tool to increase conformity. For instance, you may require suppliers and transportation companies to abide to a set of rules or they may be not granted access to your facility for a certain period of time.

So, how does it work? Quite simple! All you need to do is log in the admin console and set up the predetermined period of times you want available for your operators (15 days, 30 days, or any other period of time expressed in days). When the operator adds a person or a vehicle to the Blacklist, a new window will display asking him/her to opt for one of the available periods of time which will be associated with the black-listed item: permanent or predefined periods of time as set up by the admin. The person/vehicle is added to the Blacklist and, if the operator opted for one of the periods of time defined by the admin, at the end of the period the black-listed person will be automatically removed from the list. Also, every time a person is added to or removed from the Blacklist, the admin and the inspectors will receive a notification.

We hope you will be making use of this new feature and we are waiting for other suggestions from you!

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