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Editing the Admin Settings

Editing the Admin Settings

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1. To edit the admin settings, you have to be first on your admin account.

2. From the top right corner of the page you will be able to see and use the Help Section ( ), Notifications ( ) and Settings ( ).

3. From Settings you can change the following options: Profile, Advanced (Blacklist message, timers and indicators), Language (Language and Timezone) and Theme (Color scheme).

3.1. In the Advanced section, you can set up and personalize a Blacklist message using the buttons (Location where the blacklisting occurred, Operator who created the blacklist record, Information about the blacklisted person/auto, Operator observations/reason for blacklisting) below the text area and you can also set multiple Blacklist timers for operators to choose when they blacklist a record by entering a number (days) and then pressing the Plus button ( ) or Remove button ( ) if you want to remove the added number.

3.2. In the Advanced section, you can set up and change the Indicators (the top right info circles) by selecting for each indicator an existing element to represent.

4. After setting up all the desired configurations, press on the Save button in order for the changes to take effect.



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