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Adding and Viewing a VIP Record

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1. To add a special status to a person/vehicle, you have to be first on your operator account.

2. Press on either the Persons tab (), Auto tab ( ) or Fleet tab ( ) from the left side of the page.

3. Then press on the List tab ( ) from below in order to see the types of records.

4. Then press on the VIP button ( – off, – on), Greylist button ( – off, – on ) or Blacklist button ( – off, – on ) on the right of the wanted type of record. A person/vehicle can be either VIP/Greylist or VIP/Blacklist, but cannot be Blacklist/Greylist.

5. The person/vehicle with a special status will be displayed in the tabs corresponding to each special status. The tabs can be accessed by pressing on the VIP, Greylist or Blacklist tabs.



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